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Nasher Art Museum

Art Groups trip to the Nasher Art Museum in Durham on June 21. One picture is after we spent most of the afternoon looking at art work and were worn out. The picture with the red sculpture is a wooden sculpture. When you leave the museum the “thing to do” is put your admission sticker on the post.



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NC Museum of Natural Science

At the museum we were able check out some of the laboratory used to study animals and insects. In the Living Conservatory a colorful variety of butterflies greeted us, as well as turtles and two toed sloth. We ate lunch at the Daily Planet café located in the museum, which had large homemade sandwiches and salads, many people enjoyed the fried green tomato BLT. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather and learning interesting tidbits of information!


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Bluebird Hill Organic Farm

This was the second Field Trip for the Health and Wellness Discussion Group.

We went to Bluebird Hill Farm and learned about Edible Flowers. Norma Burns, owner of the farm, gave us a tour of her garden while teaching us about which flowers were edible and how to pick them and it was the responsibility of the group to gather enough to make an Edible Flower Lunch. Once we gathered enough flowers and greens we headed to the kitchen and began to prep our Wild Edible Feast!